Where does mamma meals deliver to?

As of now, Mamma Meals is only delivering to San Francisco and most of Marin County

what kinds of ingredients are used?

100% organic grass-fed meats, seasonal produce from local farms, wild and sustainably caught seafood,  and little to no grains are used. We use avocado oil, coconut oil, & ghee for cooking.

are the meals celiac friendly?

Mamma Meals is 100% gluten free, however, the facility in which the meals are prepared is not 100% gluten free. 

can i gift a week of food to a friend who just gave birth?

Yes.  If you want to present the gift at a baby shower, we will send you a gift certificate that you can print out that they can redeem when ready.  

are there Vegetarian or vegan options?

Not yet, but coming soon.

are there any added sugars in the meals?

There are absolutely no added sugars, additives, preservatives, or food dyes of any kind.  

are the containers microwave and oven safe?

Everything but the lid can go in the microwave or oven, as well as the freezer.

Can my partner and children eat mamma meals?

100% YES!  Mamma Meals can feed the whole family!