our roots

Mamma Meals was originally inspired by my friend's pregnancy. I saw her struggle to find the time to tend to her gorgeous new baby, Elle, and to feed herself and husband.  I'll never forget her trying to order a meal on postmates and it showing up missing the chicken.  She told me how difficult it was to find healthy convenient food that catered to her nutritional needs as a nursing mother healing from pregnancy.  She looked at me and said can you PLEASE cook for my mom group.   On seeing my friend and her husband's response to the food I had prepared for them, I realized that I could offer this service to other new mammas and papas .

My passion for healthy food stems from my childhood.  I was the preschooler blotting my cheese pizza with a napkin telling the teacher 'it clogs your arteries.'  As an early adult, I was always trying to recreate the yummy not so healthy food into the healthy version.  After studying philosophy at UCSB, I decided to go to Bauman College of Holistric Nutrition and Culinary Arts where I received my certification as a Therapeutic Chef.  

My dream is to one day be able to donate meals to struggling parents.


Thank you for taking the time to read our story!